Velocity Systems Lightweight Plate Carrier LWPC


Velocity Systems LWPC

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Velocity Systems Lightweight Plate Carrier

ALL Velocity Systems LWPC Now have “APC Style” Velcro back cummerbunds
Size Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large
Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam Camo, Ranger Green

The Lightweight Plate Carrier (LWPC) is a slick front (No MOLLE) carrier designed to hold Plates and/or Soft Armor Plate Backers with adjustable internal plate suspension straps.

• 500 denier Cordura
• Integrated Admin Pocket
• Integrated patent pending SwiftClip™ attachment system for fast donning of additional equipment like chest rigs or placards. (Buckles are removable)

Choose Size: Small/Medium or Large/Extra-Large

Size S/M comes with a Medium Cummerbund
Fits SMALL or MEDIUM ESAPI Size Plates
Fits Most 10″x12″ Shooters Cut Plates

Size L/XL Comes with Large Cummerbund
Fits 10″x12″ or 11″x14″ Plates

  • Genuine Velocity Systems LWPC
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight – Low-Profile
  • Mayflower / Velocity Systems SwiftClip Placard / Chest Rig Compatible
  • Side elastic pockets fit 3 5.56mm Mags / TQ’s or similar
  • Plate Pocket Plate Hanger / Adjustment strap
  • Front / Rear Loop Velcro
  • Integral top admin pocket
  • Velcro-Down Cummerbund Adjustment back


Torso Plates:
S/M Fits: 10″x12″ Shooters Cut, 10″x12″ Swimmers Cut, SAPI Small or SAPI Medium Plates — 8″x10″ Plates fit but will be loose
L/XL Fits: 11×14″ Shooter Cut, 11″x14″ Swimmers Cut, SAPI Large or SAPI Extra-Large Plates — SAPI Medium or 10″x12″ Plates fit but will be loose

Torso Soft Armor:
S/M Fits 10″x12″ Shooter Cut or SAPI Medium
L/XL fits 11″x14″ Shooter Cut, SAPI Large, or SAPI XL

Side Soft Armor:
Small Cummerbunds fit 5″x7″ Level IIIA Soft Armor
Medium Cummerbunds fit 5″x9″ Level IIIA Soft Armor
Large Cummerbunds fit 5.5″x11″ Level IIIA Soft Armor

Side Plates:
Thin 6″x6″ Side Plates (< 0.5″ Thick) will fit with no additional pieces needed.
Thick 6″x6″ Side Plates (> 0.55″ Thick) or 6″ x 8″ Side plate require Velocity Systems SPRS Side Plate Retention Straps
* See here:

* If you need assistance sizing, do not see your size listed, or would like a different size/cummerbund option, please contact us.

No Armor included – Sold Separately


Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green


Large/Extra-Large, Small/Medium


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