PTF FIVE-ZERO Concealable Soft Body Armor Vest Level IIIA – NIJ 0101.06 Compliant



Protect the Force (PTF) B-Cool FIVE-ZERO-3A Level IIIA NIJ 0101.06 Compliant / Certified Ballistic Vest

Law Enforcement Grade Bullet Resistant Soft Armor Vest Level iiia

Stops .44 Magnum and .357 SIG and less


The PTF FIVE-ZERO Body Armor Vest was designed with law enforcement, Armed Security, Cash-in-Transit in mind.

The FIVE-ZERO s a low visibility concealable soft armor vest that offers front, rear, and wrap around protection on the sides.

This lightweight carrier is the ultimate in concealed comfort and protection using a state-of-the-art ergonomic design that offers its wearer optimum comfort for extended time periods

NIJ 0101.06 Compliant and Listed
Passed Stringent NIJ Artificial Aging / Artificial weathering THEN multiple sample, multiple hit ballistic testing, with back-face-deformation measurement.


Vest Features

  • Outside carrier material: Micro-polyester for comfort and durability.
  • Inside carrier material: Moisture wicking mesh which allows the vest to breathe during extended wear.
  • Adjustable 12 point removable closure system for adjustability and easy fastening.
  • Front loading self-healing zipper loading system.
  • Internal ballistic suspension system for improved weight distribution and soft armor panel positioning.
  • 5×8” Soft trauma reduction device for added protection.



Threat Level: IIIA
357 Sig. / 44 Magnum
Areal Density:
1.57 lbs/ft²
V-50 Protective Rating:
357 Sig – 1867 FPS
44 Mag – 1688 FPS
Concealed Sizing:
size chart
Product listed includes 1 PTF B-Cool Outer Carrier and 2 FIVE-ZERO Concealed Soft Armor Panels

2XL, 3XL, Extra-Small, Large, Medium, Small, XL


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