Military SHEMAGH Keffiyeh Arab Headdress Scarf


100% Cotton

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This Arab scarf is also known as Keffiyeh or Shemagh and is the traditional Arab desert headdress.

  • Made with 100% Cotton
  • Measures about  41″- 44″  x  41″- 44″ (The measurements vary scarf to scarf.)
  • Light weight cotton keeps sun, wind, dirt, and debris out
  • Worn in summer to keep the sun dampened and in the winter to help keep you warm
  • Large size for versatility
  • Comes packaged in plastic
  • Imported

Superb head garment for military or tactical use. Or can be used as an emergency bandage, sling, tourniquet or simple water-filter.



AK47/Chocolate/Black, AK47/OD/Black, Black, Black/Olive Drab, Black/Purple, Black/Red, Black/White, Blue/Black, Coyote Brown/Tan, Dark Blue/Black, Foliage / Sand, Foliage/Black, Foliage/Foliage, Foliage/Green, Gadsden Snake/Foliage Green, Gadsden Snake/OD, Gadsden Snake/Sand, Gadsden Snake/Tan, Gray, Khaki/Black, Navy/White, Olive Drab /Olive Drab, Olive Drab/Black, Orange/Black, Plum/Black, Red/Black, Red/White, Sand/Tan, SKULLS/Black, SKULLS/Brown, SKULLS/Dark Yellow, SKULLS/Olive Drab, Tan, Tan/Black, Tan/Burgandy, White/Olive Drab, White/Red


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