HESCO Armor 3401 Level III NIJ Certified Ultra-Lightweight Armor Plate

HESCO Armor 3401 Level III Plate

Ultra-Lightweight Level III Rifle Protection

NIJ Certified and Listed

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HESCO Armor 3401 Level III

Ultra-Lightweight Level III Rifle Rated Protection


Rated to defeat 6 Hits of 7.62mm NATO M80 Ball (Bi-Metal Jacket) and less


Shooters Large Cut Size:
1.26″ Thick
3.2 Lbs
Model 3401-SH-SC-L


Side Plate Small – 6″x6″:
6″x6″ Full (Square) Cut – 1.0 lbs
Model 3100

Side Plate Large- 6″x8″:
6″x8″ Full (Rectangle) Cut – 1.3 lbs
Model 3100


1.2″ Thick
UHMWPE Construction
Single Curve Profile
NIJ 0101.06 Certified and CPL Listed
Positively Buoyant
Multi-Hit Rated

Threat Profile:
All Handgun Threats
All Shotgun Threats
5.56mm NATO M193
7.62x39mm Ball
7.62mm NATO M80 Ball
.30-06 Jacketed Soft Point (JSP)

General info:
Tensylon design. Buoyant. Multi Shot rated on select threats. Polyuerea coated 1000 Denier Codura fabric Finish. Made in the USA.

NIJ 0101.06 Standard:
Tested and verified to meet or exceed ballistic resistance as specified under NIJ Standard-0101.06 plus Special Rifle Threat validated.



10"x12" Gamma LARGE, 10"x12" Shooter Large, 6"x6" SIDE, 6"x8" SIDE, 8"x10" Gamma SMALL, 9.5"x11.5" Gamma MEDIUM


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