ALERT! Hesco customers who purchased model 3610 plates:

Users of model 3610 body armor: In response to NIJ Notice #01-2020, Hesco Armor intends to replace 3610 plates under an active warranty plan with the 3810 model. Please visit for our latest notice, and full details of which plates this will apply to.
This website, Life and Liberty Tactical Gear, is under new ownership and developing a new website with most of all the great products you have been buying from Life and Liberty Gear for years! Be patient with us as we head into 2020 supplying your tactical gear needs!

You can still place orders with us at until the website is ready.

Chase Tactical for body armor, carriers and all other pouches and etc you need!

Stealth Armor Systems soft handgun body armor and carriers. Still need some side armor panels?

Shellback Tactical, HSG, Blue Force Gear, AR500 Armor, Spartan Armor Systems, Condor Outdoor Outdoor Products, North American Rescue, and some Trauma kits we will make for your adventures!

Soon to be:!

Advanced Body Armor Solutions

Lightweight and affordable ballistic body armor vests and helmets.
NIJ Certified
Rifle-Rated composite armor plates
Level IIIA Flexible Soft Armor
SAPI Plates and Plate Carrier

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